Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cardea the Butterfly Fairy

This lovely little lady is Cardea. I made her for my mother for Christmas 2007. She was so adorable and I wish I could find the pictures of her and my nymph sitting together because they look like they could be sisters. She stands at over two and a half feet tall and is (as always) made from thrift store material. Unfortunately, these pictures don't really do her justice. The butterfly mask on her face is actually very iridescent and textured. I had a hard time getting her antenna to stay put but otherwise she was very well mannered and easy to work with. I've always thought her face looked like my mother. She has her guarded playful smile and deep empathetic eyes. Cardea has always been a favorite and to me, her and my nymph will always be the best of friends.

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