Monday, June 15, 2009

Altus Infinite the Gargoyle

I'd like to introduce you to my most recent doll. This fine fellow's name is Altus Infinite. He was a birthday present for my good friend. I started him only a week ago and he was officially finished on Friday. His whole body is painted six times over, making him a shelf doll not a snuggler. I'm quite impressed with his outcome. This was the first time I had ever included any polyclay detail on a doll and because of how good it turned out I can't wait to do it again. His plugs, horns, fangs and lip piercing were all clay and I don't think he would look as good if they weren't.

And now, some photos of the journey to create Altus

Shakespeare, anyone? Fun fact: Altus was made with one adult size medium gray T-shirt from my favorite local thrift store. His face was (quite poorly) scrawled on his head with marker and then stitched before he was painted.

Skip ahead a bit...This was two days into his creation. No arms and his head remains unattached. 'Nother fun fact: my dolls don't usually have heads until the very end, making dealing with and at times dressing their headless bodies a little unnerving.
His legs were difficult because they seemed to have a mind of their own as far as how they wanted to lay. Rest assured that at this point in the doll's construction I take the time to place the head on its spine stick and see how many times I can spin it. :)

Right after I fashioned the polyclay horns, I realized just how handy they were as a built-in stand. This is how the head was then stored from then on. You can also get a pretty good view of my awesomely sparkly clean desk surface.

Almost there...

The ears were quite a process. I had no clue how to achieve the shape I had in my sketch (which will be posted when I have my scanner set up again) and thus decided to just wing it. I think they kinda look like butterfly wings.

Piercing and gauging the ear

Just for funzies. I'm such a loon.

Kinda creepy and a little dull. This was just the first layer of pure acrylic gray paint. Not to worry, he got way shinier as time went by.

And the rest, folks, is history. What kind of a magician would I be if I gave away all my secrets? :)

The end.

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