Friday, January 29, 2010

Alright, enough playing around. It's time to get serious.

I am quite pleased with the look and feel of this blog now. After spending two days designing this and swearing at the html, (I felt so stupid once I realized how simple the problem was lol) this finally looks like a presentable respectable blog for an artsy whackjob like me. So now it's time to start using it. I want this blog to be more than just a half-assed portfolio. Ideally, it will be at least a weekly updated journal of my adventures in my art. I know I have thrown words like "weekly" around before on other things and followed through for oh about a week but dammit this time is different, (I hope).

So to kick off this new bloggy attitude (wow I kinda hate myself for using the word "bloggy"), here is my current project and goal list. I am hoping this helps me keep track of everything that I start and never finish. I have a habit of having like four billion projects that I plan out and then get distracted and forget about. I have a very short attention span, combined with a mind that is always scheming about something new. Hopefully this will be the kick in the ass I need to get going and take things seriously. The Mad Gypsy is getting her head in the game now.
  Everything I have planned or in the works already. I'm going to try to keep this list as updated as possible.  Expect this list to reappear as things can be crossed off and others added. Items for gifts or swaps that are a surprise will have more detail to them once they are crossed off.

 Project List 2010
  1. Belly dancer doll for Belly Dance Swap
  2. 3 dotee dolls for dotee swap round 8 (1 of 3 done)
  3. Personal swap with Alexz "SpookyPooky"
  4. Jar of Whimsy swap
  5. Make-A-Friend Package #3
  6. Alien tattoo design Commission
  7. Halloween Book Purse 
  8. Moon Book Purse
  9. Beach Book Purse
  10. Halloween puzzle piece necklace
  11. Halloween altered puzzle
  12. repainting the wooden giraffe from Jai
  13. Gargoyle doll Commission
  14. Large Scale 6ft monster Commission
  15. 5 Fuzzy Kitty Lump dolls for Etsy
  16. belly dance belt and hip scarf for Jaime and Leslie
  17. wooden tree wall hanging
  18. Pink monster pimptress sculpture
  19. small monster doll for my dad
  20. "Witchy Red" Belly dance costume
  21. Jai's rainbow "Skants"
  22. 25 pairs of earrings for Etsy 
  24. 20  cards for Etsy
  25. Geisha wall hanging
  26. Wooden Castle Jewelry boxes for Etsy
  27. Three eyed goddess doll
I think I am going to try to post one new completed piece every Monday, Wednesday I'll post an update about a work in progress, and Friday I'll share something like a tutorial, inspiring art or artists I have found, or  something else that caught my artsy attention. Sound like a plan? I am going to try.

My birthday is in July and all I really want for my birthday is a fanbase.
Well, a fanbase and my flower sleeve tattoo. Let's try to make both of those things happen.

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  1. hello there! goodluck on your upcoming projects =D i am the same way when it comes to keeping up with myself, my projects and ideas. this is probably my 4th blog attempt. lol. i usually fall out after a couple months. and yes i agree. this time is different dammit!! that's a really good idea to of posting a completed project, a work in progress project, and tutorial. i'll c u later!